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A Simple, Quick Way to Be More Productive and Calm Throughout Your Day

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

A simple way to guarantee success throughout the day and in every area of our life is to practice a morning routine that will center the mind and energize our mind and body.

Years ago I had none: I’d wake up and turn on the news, while running through my messages in search for the juicy-enough one that needed an answer and possibly my help (nothing like feeling needed shortly after getting up!). If someone had mentioned a routine to practice first thing I would have laughed and continued on the same way as before.

But day after day my level of stress and anxiety I carried perennially didn’t go away; on the contrary, it increased. By noon, just like the spiritual guru Marianne Williamson predicted, I was depressed.

Little of what I strived to obtain came through during the day and I slugged from one day to the next with no hope of emerging somewhere other than back where I started. What was wrong?

Through inner searching and reading spiritually orientated tomes I came to understand that it is our job to keep our minds free of unnecessary clutter, to be mindful of what we think and do, and to remember that just like we clean our teeth every day we need to cleanse our mind and spirit periodically, and that it all starts in the morning.

I began to practice silence for at least half hour upon waking. No news, no TV, no phone. Only me, my tea or coffee and my cat sitting on my lap. Staring into nothing, I’d savor the stillness and notice the surge of contentment and gratitude I felt inside.

Soon the day began to shape before my eyes without my trying: like a movie, I’d see myself talking to my clients, closing a deal or two, and even hear the exact words that would be enunciated.

Finally, I’d imagine what I would wear and how it’d go for the type of day ahead. When the process felt complete, I’d get up from my chair, practice a few minutes of yoga (to wake up my sleeping limbs) and then shower.

Inevitably, my day would go exactly as I had envisioned it, and I carried no anxiety and very little stress if any throughout the day. That half hour I had spent making sure that I was connected to my own center (and not someone else’s) had done the job.

There are a couple of truths to consider when trying to understand why this works. They are:

1) The Universe supports us. If we align with its basic tenet of being positive and loving towards ourselves first (then others) it will respond by delivering what we need.

2) We are made of energy. Our thoughts are much more powerful than we could ever imagine. Think of Michelangelo: he started with a huge block of marble and ended up with the David. It was his thought that created it first, followed by the work. It is not different for us, common mortals: we think, we create. We think, we create, and the Universe (God?) delivers what we want.

3) By not following the trail of the news or someone else’s drama we stay clear of unnecessary clutter and energize the mind for what really matters first. It doesn’t mean that we can’t later help someone, but only after we find our own center.

Whether we’re on vacation in an exotic location, in a new city for work, or in the comforts of our homes, it’s imperative that we take care of our minds, bodies, and spirits as soon as we rise.

Developing and following a daily morning ritual to nurture these aspects will in turn give us the harmony we need to approach the day with a clear head and an open heart, and will bring to us what we had imagined during that brief time of being connected to the Universe.

If you’d like to start seeing things more clearly and be more receptive to your own wisdom that will guide you through your challenges, then I’d like to help. I’m offering a 50-minute, 1-1 breakthrough session for free. To book your session, click here,

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