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To change is to think and to act greater than we feel.

No matter how hard it has been. No matter how hard it is.

Hellò and welcome!

I am Lauretta Zucchetti, published author and certified transpersonal and quantum physics sales coach. I help women believe in themselves and the infinite possibilities ahead.


We are all born whole and happy, but in time we stop creating the life we desire, believing that it is beyond our reach. It is not, but to do so we must return to our wholeness and reconnect to our state of Being, before we adopted ways of thinking and of acting that got us accepted, but not creating at the level that we could and obtaining what we have always wanted to create.

When we are ready to become aware that our minds create our reality, and that the frequency at which we vibrate is met at the same level therefore creating our reality, then we can begin to live a life that will reflect what we desire instead of what it was that upset or kept us stuck. Then, and only then, will we see the external reality change because we will have freed a massive amount of energy from our bodies and minds, transmuting almost simultaneously into creativity, passion and enthusiasm.


The manifestation of our dreams is closer than we may ever imagine: all we have to do is believe that it can happen, direct our thoughts towards it, recognize where we have been stuck in our habitual patterns, and then step into an unknown reality that will surprise us with amazing and rewarding gifts.

We must stop self-defeating patterns and free the energy we need to create what you want. 95% of our minds are occupied by rehearsing past histories and only 5% by visions of our future. It is precisely this phenomena that affects us physically and causes us to become temporarily or even permanently ill. Lacking new, energizing thoughts, the cells stop renewing themselves and eventually die, and us along with them.

The Universal Intelligence that created us and that is always watching us is only too eager to reward our efforts to remove the mask that keep us separate from the flow of Energy that enables humanity and the world as a whole to evolve. 


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Testimonial of Alex Estornel Headshot 1.jpeg
 Lauretta is by far the best at providing a genuine and authentic approach to her coaching. The lessons I learned with her are totally invaluable and I’ve already began to notice true changes in my every day life as well as my business. She’s truly an incredible teacher at providing you the tools that are essential in real growth. I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful gifts she’s already given to me!”




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