To change is to think and to act greater than we feel. No matter how hard it has been. No matter how hard it is.

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I am Lauretta Zucchetti, Sales Quantum Coach and Published Author.

I help divorced, single women in mid-life rise to their highest potential and create the life of their dreams through the use of proven sales strategies and of quantum physics principles.

We are all capable of much more than what we believe to be, but unless we defy the subconscious voices that may have eroded the self-assurance we had when younger, our bias is to give in and remain in the status quo, rarely stepping out of our comfort zone and learning how valuable and amazing we truly are.

Since we are all made of energy, through the principles of Quantum Physics we can manifest what we want, as long as we align our feelings with those of our intentions, whether we are in a given place, physically or not.

The Universe is only too eager to deliver to us what we desire, and we can obtain anything with a lot less effort than what we think is necessary.

Selling is the means of our seeking, and is integral to our efforts whether we sell ourselves for a new job or a promotion, our services as a coach or a mentor, or a product we represent.

I have learned the above process in three phases:

  • First, Sales and International Marketing while working for Fortune 100 High Tech companies (Apple Computer, Xerox Corp.), and reaching top 1% of their sales force;
  • Second, by integrating these disciplines within the universal laws of Quantum Physics, where the power of thoughts creates our reality and a very abundant Universe delivers us what we want;
  • Third, by applying these principles in my own life through personal experiences.

Trust that these components are key to your success and trust yourself that if you take them you will only be in a space where the infinite possibilities that exists ahead will be yours to embrace and to enjoy.  

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