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A stunning retreat for women in Tuscany, my home country

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

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This September I will be hosting a Women Wellness Retreat,

in my native country, Italy, in nonetheless than my native region, Tuscany. I am beyond happy and can’t wait to share with the participants why Italy is indeed a special place.

It has been 33 years since I moved to California, as far away from my country as one can imagine. Trips back and forth once a year, for two or even three weeks haven’t done justice to the longing I have felt all along. I have longed for the legendary beauty of the country, the nurturing foods, the warmth and affection of its people and even the look of ancient structures, which always fill me with wondrous awe.

Even though all my older relatives have passed (Grandmas, Grandpas and parents), there has never been a time when I haven’t felt the heart-melting stir of feeling cherished, loved and accepted, as if they were all still there, ready to embrace me, feed me, and nurture me. And this is exactly how those who choose to join me in this retreat will feel, because such is Italy, a place of art and beauty that has given birth to some of the most illustrious geniuses, the most divine foods, the most inspiring discoveries, the kindest people.

Sitting on a hill with gorgeous views in complete quiet with the only sounds those of chirping birds, we will experience the magnificence of creation at once. Through its breathtaking, historical landmarks, we will feel the past, the present and the future merging into one, and we will want to express our newfound excitement in ways that will carry us forward with strength and reassurance for a long time, even after returning.

With this retreat, I am hoping to share a corner of this beautiful country with other women; not just its stunning, visual and otherwise sense-derived pleasures, but most importantly the intrinsic effects Italy, and Tuscany in particular, has on its visitors. In a relaxed atmosphere, away from obligations and nagging tasks, we will be able to go deep within, aided by the magical context of nurturing surroundings, exquisite foods and experienced guidance.

To reach complete awareness and high level of consciousness, one needs physical relaxation, mental breaks, and spiritual connection(s). All three states are easily achieved at this retreat. With daily yoga exercises to open the chakras and energize our bodies, meditation to connect to our higher selves, no mental pressure to perform any kind of duties, and the context of a sublime location, we are guaranteed to achieve enlightenment, emotional strength and higher levels of awareness. These states will translate into the manifestation of the changes we yearn for in our daily lives.  By the end of the retreat, we will have bonded and will want to come back time and again to drink up from this bountiful land with its enriching culture and people.

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