Thank you for coming over to my ABOUT ME page. I hope that it will give you some meaningful insight and some inspiration to draw upon.

It is taking me many years to realize that who I am is not what I do or what I did. For that, you can scroll down to my curriculum vitae. Everything you want to know about my business experience, my skills and more is in there.

If your curiosity is rather piqued by who I am at the core level, then I’d like to tell you myself in a couple of sentences, if you’ll allow me. 

I am a seeker of truths, someone who has had a very interesting existence, full of joyful and at times painful events, experiences from which I have learned life lessons that have helped me improve and become a better human being.

You Are Your Own Agent of Change

I have lived across four continents, I have married more than once, I have had two kids (one an adult now, one deceased at birth), and my childhood has been less than smooth.

I endured the famous Dark Night of the Soul that we all go through at one point or another in life as a child when I was left in the hands of strangers by my parents who were too distracted to do it themselves.

During those years I learned to be accepted if good, loved even if pleasant, taken in if successful in whatever endeavor I undertook. My personality morphed quickly into what would later mobilize the attentions I was missing around me, and it was true for my personal as it was for my professional life. 

When ready to join the working world, nothing kept me away from joining the working world I picked Sales because I was famished for recognition and knew that with my overload of energy and enthusiasm I would do extremely well.

Lauretta’s coaching has been invaluable to me. I truly couldn’t have accomplished all of this in such a short period of time without her guidance. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her wisdom with me.


–Rev. Gaby Michel | ASHVILLE, NC

"Utilizing her skills to help you grow, master your problems and become more effective in your life. Lauretta works with her incredible manifestation skills to help you become fully empowered in your life and bring in all that will serve you best. Allowing abundance, love and appreciation to flood into your life. Lauretta will help you wade through your own desires to create streamlined goals, focusing you to create a new life path. She will motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence." 

Danielle B., Sydney, Australia


And Well I Did...


I topped the 1% of sales for Xerox within the second year of joining and continued on at Apple Computer where I made President Club several years in a row.  

Although not in a straight line (which woman in history has ever lived a life in a straight line, I ask you?), I progressed with my inner and outer development.

Once I was able to contradict the adults in my past who indirectly had caused me to doubt myself, I went on to study the Why of Our Existence. Seeing people dying (my own son included) around me and crying over them was not enough: I needed to know what the meaning of Life itself was and why so much pain and suffering if then it all ended up in nothing (at this point you may wonder what this has to do with my coaching you on sales or business, but hang on! There is a connecting point, I promise!).

When I could afford a break I enrolled in a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and a certification in Life Coaching. It was then that I learned how our true Self is spiritual in essence and it matters not what we do as long as we improve who we are and who we become at all times.




Fast forward to today.

I have been published on various websites for my writings on relationships, women empowerment and business (https://lauretta-r-zucchetti.mykajabi.com/around-the-web) after having helped many female entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves and perfect their sales and marketing skills.

I am now an author, a motivational speaker, a Sales & Quantum Physics Coach, and assist female entrepreneurs through powerful and life-changing transitions.

My writing has been featured on SoulFriends, Scary Mommy, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, A Band of Women, Thank the Now, Retreat Place, SoulGrowth Having Time, Literary Salon and many more.

I also wrote a memoir, Along Some Distant Day, about my childhood in Italy, and my essay, “The Stranded Bird of Pavia,” has been published in Literary Mama’s 2014 Mother’s Day Issue. I also won an anthology contest with A Band of Women, which is featured on the  book Transitions, alongside many well known writers.

To learn more about it, please visit http://www.laurettazucchetti.com/.  

"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Viktor  Frankl



Lauretta Zucchetti                                                                               [email protected]

https://www.laurettazucchetti.com/                                               +39-333-4506721 Europe

Mill Valley, Ca 94941                                                                             +1-415-272-7369  USA        


A proven customer-focused sales executive with record of achievement in Fortune 50 sales, training, communication and international projects. Ability to multitask, create long-lasting relationships and build new markets in challenging fast paced environments through consistent, clear and focused sales, marketing and training strategies.



Senior Sales & Marketing Manager (Xerox Corporation)

  • Achieved top 1% of US sales force for Xerox Corporation
  • Generated revenue that exceeded 360% over quota from cold calls and produced 250 new accounts
  • Earned highest award President and Par Club for three consecutive years, was awarded Western Regional Representative two and a half years, and made Sales Representative of the Month eleven times
  • For every two customers visited one purchased the services offered which resulted in revenue being 250% to 400% over quota for three consecutive years
  • Developed and presented proposals for Xerox resulting in contracts in excess of $ 500K per client
  • Generated a client base of over 200 accounts within six months of being hired and promoted to Senior Sales Representative before the end of the first year of employment
  • Consistently trained new hires resulting in sales increases of  20% to 30% per individual trained


National Sales  Manager, Project Manager (Apple Computer)

  • Established corporate acceptance of Macintosh as major business platform with Fortune 100 companies
  • Negotiated long-term contracts with annual revenues up to $ 4 million with senior executives at American Express Co., Charles Schwab Company, Bechtel Engineering, Lucas Film Ltd., PG&E.
  • Launched 10-15 new products on a periodical basis resulting in 15% increase in revenue
  • Held Corporate Briefings for CEOs and CFOs for projects exceeding $ 1million
  • Created largest Bay Area Macintosh User Group (SFAUG) of over 350 networked members
  • Developed and instituted infrastructure for service and delivery system programs with distributors and vendors that resulted in a 10% increase in revenue
  • Increased sales from $ 1.2 million the first year to $ 4 million the fifth year for a total of 2.8 million (240%)


International Marketing Consultant (Apple Computer)

  • Devised unique marketing campaign to differentiate Macintosh as a business platform from competitors and won President Club award
  • Conducted international survey that led to introduction of new marketing tools that resulted in 30% increase in US sales of Macintosh


Financial Sales Manager (Wells Fargo)

  • Sold financial plans to small and medium businesses to help generate higher income
  • Established brand new territory of 300+ customers and devised techniques to increase repeat business


Sales Director and Partner (Max SF, design and manufacturer of high end contemporary furniture)

  • Uncovered, developed and sold large hospitality projects to large design and purchasing firms
  • Created, sold and managed a network of 28+ retailers across United States



Executive Training Consultant (Apple Computer, A.G. Ferrari)

  • Developed and taught sales skills courses for managers and distributors at Apple Computer International which led to increased revenue of 30% following each course.
  • Created and implemented Interviewing Skills, Products, Communication and Retail Procedures training modules for 120+ Retail Managers and Supervisors which resulted in 110% revenue increase and the ability to adopt the sales and retail procedures independently on a store wide basis.




Customer Service Manager (Computervision)

  • Provided customer service for over 1,000 accounts with annual transactions of $ 1 million to CADD/CAM clients needing software and hardware assistance
  • Created communication and customer support centers in Europe which resulted in improving the performance of the engineering response by 18% and earning prestigious international awards
  • Managed complex CADD/CAM projects involving customer satisfaction and resolution of conflicts; reduced maintenance costs by 5% and increased customer response by approximately 8% monthly



Business Development Consultant – August 2004 until present

MAX SF (2003 – 2004) Sales Director and Partner

Wells Fargo Bank (2002 - 2003) – Private Banker

Il Fornaio (1997 – 1999) Consultant to COO and Executive Chief

A.G. Ferrari Foods (1995-1997) Training & Marketing Director

Apple Computer USA (1988-1993) National Account Manager

Apple Computer International (1987-1988) Training & Marketing Consultant

Xerox Corporation (1984 – 1987) Senior Sales Representative

Computervision USA (late Prime Computer)(1978 – 1984) Executive Assistant & Marketing Mgr.



  • Xerox Advanced Sales and Customer Service Training
  • Xerox “Train The Trainer,” awarded only to highest 5% revenue sales producers
  • Public Speaker Certifications: Berkeley Extension, Decker Communication, College of Marin
  • Apple Advanced A.O.K. Sales Modules
  • Frequent requested speaker for Board of Directors Events



B.A. in Jurisprudence, University of Milan, 1976

Over 2000 hours of instruction in Training and HR Development, U.C. Berkeley Extension,

Over 70 accredited college units toward Public Speaking

Fluent in French, Spanish and Italian



 “Lauretta has an overwhelming desire to be successful and to do her best at all times. She is an extremely hard worker…..she is very strong at planning and organizing…..she possesses the native skills to achieve her goals..” Tom Peeks, National Sales Manager, Xerox Corp.

“Lauretta consistently met and exceeded her objectives in terms of revenue generation, relationship development, marketing and sales activities, and account growth….(she) did an outstanding job. She does an excellent job of keeping all levels of management aware of her activities….Lauretta has solid skills….which she has developed…she sells benefits vs. features and executes the accounts goals that she has developed. It was a pleasure working with Lauretta and I would recommend her…”Jim Uffelman, Regional Sales Manager, Apple Computer

“Lauretta, you are – by far – one of the hardest working sales people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Your propensity for keeping management informed and responding to customer’s needs, covering all the bases has been exemplary. You are always looking for new opportunities, and you never fail to capitalize. I have been very pleased with your performance. You are one of those rare individuals who makes a sales manager’s job easier” Al Pettit, Area Manager, Apple Computer

“Lauretta exhibited strong leadership and communication skills…a tremendous passion for any tasks required, and an intense desire to succeed…. ….she would be a great asset for any initiative she undertakes, thanks to her positive attitude, her tenacity and her people skills.” Paul Ferrari, A.G. Ferrari Foods